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Audio Restoration. Using the latest technology, we will remove noise, clicks, pops, breaths, background noise, bumps, and more. We will generally improve the sound quality of your audio. Learn more about Audio Restoration here.

Mastering. Do you crave the energy, transparency, and loudness of professional productions? Do you expect to stand side-by-side with your favourite commercial releases? Learn more about the Mastering process here.

Stem Mastering. Have you mixed your songs partially and need more than just mastering? Learn more about the Stem Mastering process here.

Mixing. Do you wish to leave your raw tracks in our hands? Do you require our expertise from mix to master? Learn more about the Mixing process and hear samples here.

Re-amping. Send us your dry guitar/bass recordings; we’ll play them through our amps and capture the sound with our world-class microphones to achieve their maximum potential. Learn more about it here.


Hi folks, Chris (LinkedinSoundBetter) plus team here. I am an audio engineer with 25+ years of experience, and since 2018 I have been steadily adding machine learning and data science to my toolbox. I specialise in recording & mixing, mastering, audio restoration, and guitar re-amping. About machine learning, I focus on audio data wrangling & augmentation, music information retrieval, sound detection, speech recognition, and speech synthesis. Besides running two record labels (100+ releases), I am also an active musician & producer. As an instructor, I have taught Audio Engineering to hundreds of students (I initiated the opening of SAE Athens in 1998).

So what about the team? It comprises several audio engineers, mainly in Athens and a few worldwide. Each boasts immense talent and expertise in their field, often specialising in specific music genres and audio processing techniques. Together, we can swiftly attend to the most delicate job with absolute professionalism. We will breathe freshness and excitement into your audio and music. Let’s connect!

Why Us?

Check for yourself. Listen to our most recent music projects and hear the quality. The following have been either produced, mixed, mastered, or published by one of our team members or record labels.

Free sample. How about you give us a try? Send us a track, and we will provide a free sample. If satisfied, we hopefully have a deal.

Super easy. Upload your tracks directly from your web browser. You can provide additional direction by telling us more about your project. That’s it, sit back and relax.

Free Revisions. Not happy with the result? No problem! We’ll work with you toward the best possible outcome and provide up to three (3) free revisions.

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Chris Martinis, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter
Chris Martinis, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter