Mixing. A great mix is one that gives each instrument its own place within the mix so that the whole comes together cohesively. Mixing can sometimes be artfully unbalanced, with certain elements taking centre stage while others are left in the background and only revealed slowly over time.

Mixing allows us to reshape your sound in the most flexible way possible. Tell us exactly what you’d like, or just mention a few artists and albums that you enjoy, and we’ll use our judgment from there.

In the following part of the “Deconstructing a Mix” video series, mixing-legend Chris Lord-Alge is working on the song “Survival” by MUSE from scratch in his own studio in Los Angeles. Watch the entire process, explained step by step by CLA himself.

Details About Our Service

  • For each track layer in your song, create a separate audio file (WAV or AIFF format preferred). In some instances, we accept session folders as well (e.g. ProTools, Logic, Ableton);
  • You will get 3 free revisions;
  • We charge $250/song (mastering included – up to 24 tracks – please contact us for larger projects);
  • Typically, the process involves level-balancing, EQing, compressing, limiting, multi-band processing, effects treatment (incl. reverberation, delays, chorus, flanger), and guitar/bass re-amping if needed;
  • Before sending, you can apply your favourite effects to your tracks (also called rendering, or printing effects);
  • You may also include both the dry and rendered tracks as options for your engineer as an alternative;
  • If you provide us with reference songs, we’ll try our best to match the given character;
  • The mastering process is included.

Read more about the mixing process on Izotope’s official site.

If you don’t have enough experience with mixing, the following masterclass should shed some light and help you understand its nuances. In this video, Grammy-winning producer Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, John Legend, Jason Mraz) approaches the same song twice from two production extremes: a vintage-sounding rock mix and a radio-friendly pop/hip hop mix.

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Chris Martinis, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter
Chris Martinis, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter